Operating Companies 

Sample Project

Conducted interviews with physicians and reimbursement experts and reviewed epidemiology and patient journey to construct 10-year financial forecast, allowing VC-backed Health IT start-up to prioritize markets, allocate budget, make key hiring decisions, and fundraise
Market Research
Green Shoots works in collaboration with market research firms to scope, design, conduct and analyze qualitative or quantitative market surveys and interviews. Respondents range from Key Opinion Leaders in niche scientific fields to regulatory and reimbursement experts. In preparation, experienced associates conduct desktop research using publicly available literature, private databases, and analyst reports.
Strategy Consulting
With proprietary market research and business frameworks in hand, Green Shoots identifies and prioritizes areas of unmet market need addressed by a particular technology. Green Shoots helps clients shape product development and make critical resource allocation decisions using financial metrics such as gross margins, lifetime value of a customer, and cost of customer acquisition.
Often, technology companies partner with more established entities to augment their product or service or access sales channels. Green Shoots identifies potential partners, structures relationships, negotiates term sheets, and assists with deal execution.
Consulting CFO Services
In conjunction with company controllers, Green Shoots prepares monthly or quarterly financial and KPI reporting to monitor operating performance and cash flow. It creates hiring plans, near-term budgets and 10-year forecasts with key value driver inputs which enable scenario analysis and inform market strategy.
Green Shoots also assists with fundraising efforts by preparing investment pitch decks, negotiating term sheets, and assisting with deal closing.
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